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@colesoftps A tilde (~) can be used to specify the vendor's serial number. If this parameter is not specified, the generator uses the value in the registry to choose a serial number for the key. You can also define a default serial number by calling MakeEx(id: 0, serialnumber: 12345678). The generator will then choose a serial number between 0 and this value. @keycombo A key combo can be added to a key by using an AT&T keycombo format. An example keycombo would be: A;A;;;S;;;H;S;0;0;0;0;0;S;4;6;4;6;1;H;0;1;0;1;0. To use this parameter, define an array of strings, each with three strings. The first string is the name of the key combo, the second is the first letter of the key combo, and the third is the modifier for the key. @keyinfo This parameter adds an optional key info section to the key. This section will be used to store extra information when the key is loaded. @scancode A scancode can be added to a key. This parameter is only useful for non-unicode keys. @safety This parameter lets the generator choose the safety level of the key. If the generator cannot choose a suitable safety level for a key, it will select a safety level of "high". @sect1 Diagnostic Data This section describes how to use the diagnostic features of the key generator.




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ElectricVLab Free Download [key Serial Number] Latest

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